PowerGenix NiZn batteries

nizn battery

I managed to pick up a PowerGenix 4-pack of NiZn (Nickel-Zinc) rechargeable batteries and a charger while I was at the International CES in Las Vegas – I saw them demoed at Lunch@Pieros and they were nice enough to donate a pack.

Well, that was back at the beginning of January. I’ve had them in my Wiimote since then, and my battery is still at 100% from a full charge. I thought they were full of bologna, telling me that it was the “next generation” of battery technology, geared towards high-draw use – seriously, how many times have we heard this in the past?

I have a pack of NiCds gathering dust now. They would be on their 37th charge if I was using them in my Wiimote this long.

It seems like we’ve finally seen a STRONG contender towards alkaline AA’s. These batteries even put out 1.6v, a little more than most AA’s, and the same as the best high-capacity lithiums. I really don’t have to mention that it puts the 1.2v of NiCd rechargables to shame.

And another thing, they are cheap.