Woke up at 4:45am to get to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where my surgery was scheduled for 7:30am. There was an emergency surgery in front of me, so I did end up waiting for a bit. My  surgeon came in to update me and that’s when I officially found out that after the workups I did on the 13th, that I was definitely going in for Lefort 1 Osteomoty, no splint, no graft, and no ligatures. I was kinda psyched about that because it meant a shorter recovery time.

mom and me – before
before – just a little bit, right?

Said my goodbyes and got carried off to the OR holding room. Got reaffirmed every step of the way about my name and date of birth, to make sure that I was getting the right surgery 🙂

The staff at Jefferson were all very nice, very professional. I talked to the anaesthesiologist, the person who was going to intubate me during the surgery, chief surgeon, and some other staff. Got wired up for IV, which I had a feeling was going to be the most painful part of this whole ordeal from reading other blogs. I forgot to take my glasses, but I don’t think they would have let me have them anyways, so I listened to Family Feud on the TV.

Relaxed for about an hour, then got wheeled to the OR.

I only remembered the OR for a few minutes. Saw the giant operating lights, the 10 or so people that were all getting ready to cut into me. Got lifted onto the operating table, which had wings to support all my limbs. Oxygen mask got placed over my head and that’s all I remember before waking up.