Day 10 – tiredddddddd

Yesterday was extremely tiring. The first day back at work, and by 9pm I was done. I had to go in early for the xrays, and the less than usual calorie intake that I’ve been getting didn’t help, but I’ll be adjusting that soon.

So last night I got a ton of sleep, and promised myself I’d get a super smoothie in the city today. I think it’s the first thing I had in a week where I considered myself to be “full”. I’ve got some ingredients at home that my mom left to play with, soup and Ensure gets boring after a couple days.

I tried drinking through a straw and it was a total failure. I just drank out of the cup, which was a success, but messy. I also had coffee now that I’m off antibiotics and painkillers, and I think I’ll reward myself with a beer when I get home.