Day 22 – “foods”

3 weeks post-op and I don’t have a good title for this post, because really nothing has happened recently. The bands are still on. I still have a liquid diet. I drink soup out of a cup. Spoons are still very difficult. So far it’s been

  • ensure/boost
  • cream of chicken (and variations, herbed, etc.)
  • tomato soup (and variations, basil, smoked bacon flavor, etc.)
  • blended chili (just a little) – my bands always break after trying to “eat” this
  • creamy poblano queso soup
  • chipotle tomato (super spicy, don’t recommend for < 2 weeks post op)
  • melty water ice
  • melty mini haagen-dazs ice cream
  • cold smoothies/shakes (wawa is good for this – you can add protein to them!)
  • blended black bean cilantro soup
  • beer

I can smile a bit more,  the incision above my gums hurts less. I haven’t taken any pain meds, although after a day of talking heavily with friends my mouth really hurt that night and the day after. However there’s no jaw pain.

I’ve still got some numbness in my face around my nose on the right side. Which is probably why it’s a little droopy there.

more of a smile now
sort of

I can’t wait to have a doughnut.