Day 30 – one month!

Today is one month since the surgery!

I can come off of a liquid diet an move to soft foods, but I’ll probably still take it easy the next couple of weeks. At least this means I can have soft doughnuts and mac and cheese, and heavier soups. Probably not cheeseburgers yet. Cut up cheeseburgers, maybe. I’ll go see my orthodontist soon and see if I still have to wear the bands and the lugs, or get those off and go back to regular braces.

There’s still a little swelling in my cheeks, and I don’t yet have all the feeling back around my mouth and lips. The incision area right below my nose still hurts a little bit, but only if I try to smile real hard. I can’t open my jaw all the way yet – it’s not painful, I just…can’t. It will work itself out over time, it’s left over from the swelling.

I haven’t sneezed for 4 weeks, isn’t that odd?

an almost normal smile, except for my fat face and some droopy lips
close up
from the side