Day 3 – puff puff

this is how I feel

Woke up extremely stuffy. sort of like that feeling you get when you wake up sick. but, I’m not sick, my sinuses are just extremely congested.

No nosebleeding or leakage during the night which is great, I slept mostly upright. After taking some children’s sudafed (I’m getting the good stuff today) I uncongested pretty easily, and drank some more oxycodone. Time to ice.

puff puff

Took a shower today too. Felt awesome after being all sweaty in the hospital bed, and half peeing on myself from trying to pee while not getting out of bed. I feel slightly more alive now.


Ow ow owww it hurts. 6 hours without glorious liquid oxycodone hurts. My families came to visit, and with all the activity I’m sure I stressed my jaw a bit too much.

Took some more sudafed and hydrocodone. I do not recommend operating any type of machinery. Sometimes it’s hard to keep my eyes from crossing.