Day 4 – a better morning

I woke up with less pain than the morning before. And gallons of drool that flowed down my entire body. I recommend sleeping in shirts that you wouldn’t mind becoming wash rags.

I look a little better, eh?

Still swelling. Poof. This is the last day of icing, moving to warm packs.

Around mid-day I started feeling some things I haven’t felt in a couple days.¬† The roof of my mouth is gaining more feeling and my lips feel like I got out of light numbing from the dentist. My cheeks and upper lip seem to be coming back as well, so maybe tomorrow can be shave day.

I’m going to try and have some warm soup today. My appetite is coming back. I’ll probably have to venture into foods other than Ensure if I want to not go crazy the next couple weeks.

mm soup in a cup
teeth! I still can’t get over how there isn’t a big space between them now


Just woke up from a oxycodone/sudafed coma. The drowsiness of that combination will put me to sleep no matter what I’m currently doing. Fortunately I woke up in time to 1) take the 2nd round of meds, thank goodness because I was extremely stuffy and 2) watch the PSU game.

I have an oral rinse that I’ve been taking since surgery. On day 1, rinsing was very difficult. Not being able to feel the roof of your mouth makes it hard¬† to swish, and makes you feel like you’re not actually rinsing (but you are). Rinsing on day 4 feels weird, but now I think I can feel the rinse splashing against the top which makes it easier. There’s still no spitting since my jaw is wired shut, so you let it fall out of your mouth and rinse again with a water afterwards.

The soup earlier today was awesome. Something hot instead of cold for the last 3 days. I was brave enough to try thicker soup for dinner and it was super delicious. I can’t believe how good warm semi-regular food tastes after having just water/juice/ensure/boost for a few days. It’s the little things that make me happy during this recovery. Tomorrow I’m going to try for melted ice cream or water ice!