Day 5 – less of it all

my “smile”

Less swelling, less stuffiness, less pain. I stopped icing and moved to heat pads for the day. I was less sleepy today after meds, and I didn’t need a mid-day 4 hour drug coma! Eating water ice today was a success! I just had to let it all melt so that I could basically drink it. Maybe ice cream later.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to work from home. I’m getting a little restless not having anything to do all day other than drinking food that Adrianna¬† makes me food and playing video games, and I feel like I’ve got some mental focus back now so I’m really looking forward to some activity.

While the pain and swelling are controlled with meds and heat and ice paks, I still have my jaw wired shut via bands. I still get some dizziness if I move my head too fast, or if I lean over a little too much. There’s some discomfort if I try to talk or smile too much. I still have to sleep upright otherwise stuff will come out of my nose. I’m still on a mostly liquid diet and that’s not going to change any time soon, since my jaw bones still have to recover.

But I feel almost “normal” now, aside from a few side effects of the drugs. And the part about not being able to use my mouth for anything . And having a poofy face. But, a world of difference from day 0.

Here’s a combined progress photo of right after braces (1 year ago), right before surgery (5 days ago), and today.